Late availability service.

Late Availability
A very simple to administer late availability calendar. The late availability calendar displays a 5 week long calendar, which displays your availability on the247Tourist web site late availability page which has many links to it from other web sites.
All your accommodation is displayed side by side allowing the visitor to quickly access your availability, calendars can be created for placement on your web site or any other web site you place it on.
The calendars can be configured to show either a single row of accommodation or multiple rows.
The calendar includes a buffer (a spare week) which is not displayed to visitors as the calendar progress through the season dates are added which are by default set to occupied (not vacant) this is to ensure that the calendar is updated regularly by yourself so as not to show inaccurate vacancies, resulting in time consuming enquiries.

Availability iCalendar

The Calendar is split into days so you can configure short breaks, long weekends and special offers

A contact form is provided which allows the visitor to contact you with their detail and holiday date

To view the live Late Availability page see:

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